Youth on the Move

Many migrants are tempted to leave their country of origin. Those who leave are in search of a better future, and bring with them all their potential. This is a loss for their country of origin but an enrichment opportunity for those communities that welcome them.

Let’s work together to make safe migratory routes for all young people.

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Migrant Youth

"We learned how precious life is"

"It's a fundamental human desire to live in freedom"

"A stranger in your own home"

"Integration can be a success story"

"When you get to know somebody fear goes away"

"An appeal to the common good"

"What have we done to welcome our brothers?"

Instrumentum Laboris

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“The Church must meet our youth in detention centers, at the borders.”

“The Church must meet our youth in detention centers, at the borders." Yadira, 29   Yadira, 29, is from a migrant background and now works with Mexican migrants in the...

#Synod2018: “The horizon should not be a mirror”

Fr.Michael Czerny S.J., Undersecretary of the Migrants and Refugee Section (Holy See) is attending the Synod with special attention to vulnerable young people on the move. #caring4migrants

Young people, the faith and vocational discernment

Read here the DIALOGUE OF THE HOLY FATHER WITH THE YOUNG   Final document of the Pre-Synodal Meeting      Rome, 19-24 march 2018 - The young person of today is met...

…many young people are tempted to leave their homeland…

Pope Francis

The Plight of Child Migrants

Many migrants are minors, often unaccompanied. Children are particularly vulnerable because they commonly face social exclusion, experience family break-ups, and lack adequate protection. Child migrants are at high risk of abuse, discrimination and violence. What can we do to protect and integrate young people who are forced to leave their homes?

Migrant Worker and child